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AASC Application for Membership


Our Mission
To advance the best safety and health services within our workplaces and communities.

One-time Application Fee: $200. Annual voting membership dues: $250, and annual associate membership dues: $75 each. Each membership has one voting member. You may have as many associate members as you wish. All names included on the roster & membership e-group must be either voting or associate members. Membership dues will be billed by e-mail when your application is approved. Your information will be added to the newsletter and e-group upon receipt of your payment. Please submit the completed application via e-mail to the current AASC President.
About Your Organization
Please furnish the founding purpose, and any pertinent information describing your growth up until today in the above field.
Current Employees:
List all of the types of programs offered and the number of individuals trained annually:
If yes, how many members and how many employees do they represent?
(A copy of your IRS documentation showing 501(c)(3) status is required.)
Please note that the voting member must be the chief paid staff member of the nonprofit agency.
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About Our Members

AASC Members operate independent, nonprofit, community-based health & safety organizations serving over 10,000 businesses, which employ hundreds of thousands of employees around the world. AASC councils provide education programs to over 350,000 people each year in areas as diverse as driving safety, first aid & CPR, substance abuse, hazardous materials, confined space, flagging, forklift safety, health and many more.

Our Objective

AASC Councils tailor their programs to meet the unique and ever changing needs of the communities we serve, but our most important commonality is our goal of reducing preventable injuries and fatalities. Our efforts save lives every single day.