American Association of Safety Councils (AASC) is a national association of non-profit safety organizations across the United States. Founded in 2000, its mission is the enhancement of safety & health.

AASC goals are:

  1. Promoting safety & health in the workplace, home and community
  2. Eliminating potential hazards and accidents in the workplace, home and community
  3. Promoting safe practices through education

Our objective is to provide a forum in which to develop and share affordable safety training programs.
We have 17 US members of the AASC who provide workplace training through classroom training, on-site training and on-line training throughout a combined service area that spans all or parts of 16 states. There are several pending applications for membership from like-minded organizations in other States and Canadian Provinces, such as Manitoba and Ontario. The power of the AASC lies with its many member councils who combined have more than 5,500 paid member companies and thousands more businesses, organizations who employ tens of thousands of individuals. Through this expanded network, AASC is able to reach communities and businesses across the United States. The method of delivering the safety message and training is ever evolving, with online training increasing every day. AASC has recognized this change and on a local and regional basis has been involved in on-line training for several years.

Our Purpose and Vision

Our purpose is to leverage the information and resources of our many member councils to better address the safety and health issues facing businesses, communities and individuals. Our ever widening geographic reach allows us to service communities, industries and businesses across the nation. We keep our members current on the latest regulations and best practices in the safety and health world. Our vision is to gain recognition as the premier organization for educating, communicating and promoting safety and health.

OSHA Online Training

In 2011 OSHA announced that any entity wishing to conduct OSHA Outreach Training Program on line training of 10- and 30- hour courses would need to enter and be successful in a competitive bid process to be allowed to continue. This process set much higher standards in all aspects of online training than in the past. Only experienced, sound and qualified organizations in good standing with OSHA and possessing a high level of support capabilities and infrastructure are to be allowed to offer online OSHA training. AASC was successful in that process and has signed a Cooperative Agreement with OSHA which allows us to conduct OSHA Approved Outreach Training. OSHA rules require that all Outreach Online Training is conducted through 1 organization for all our members.

The New OSHA 10 and 30 Hour courses

All OSHA-authorized courses must provide a very high level of interactivity, make extensive use of graphics and video content, must include case-studies and must continually check that students maintain an understanding of what is being taught. Testing is mandatory at the completion of each topic and at the end of the course. In addition OSHA requires a process which randomly verifies throughout each module that the trainee who registers for the course is the same trainee who participates and completes the training. AASC implements this through voice print technology which requires that any training is done near an available telephone handset.