AASC Membership

Interested in Becoming a Member?

There are many benefits for appropriate organizations to become a member of the AASC. This is a very active and growing Association. Through Meetings, Seminars, Newsletters, Blogs, and Conferences, leaders keep up to date with industry news, including regulation changes state by state. AASC is also a forum by which best practices in many areas of occupational health and safety are developed, vetted, and promoted.

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The power of AASC lies within its many members. With an expanded network, safety organizations are able to reach communities and businesses across the nation.

Information on safety and health is ever changing and AASC keeps its members current on the latest developments. Additionally, business is continuously changing—but with the support of AASC, safety councils are evolving to stay relevant and important to local regions.

Membership Benefits:

  • Shared best practices / Idea Sharing
  • Executive Peer Group / Networking
  • Forum to Identify Solutions to Common Issues
  • Professional Development
  • Scholarship Opportunity for Your Own Members
  • Endorsement of Safety Programs
  • Access to Shared Services( such as Safety Video Library of 600+ digitally streamed titles and Safety Product Discounts)
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Membership Levels:

Voting Member
The chief paid staff executive of any local or state, safety and health, not-for-profit, independent, community-based organization, is eligible to apply for an AASC Voting Membership. The application must be sponsored by a current AASC Voting Member and must pass by 66 2/3% vote of the current voting membership. The one-time application fee is $100 and annual membership dues are $250.

Associate Member
Any staff executive of an organization with an Executive Member may become an AASC Associate Member. The annual associate membership dues are $75 per associate membership.


 brandy-howard Brandy Howard
“Being part of AASC has proven to be instrumental in gaining industry specific knowledge. Coming together with other professionals in the safety arena has allowed me to learn new strategies and expand programs and services to our members. My involvement with AASC has also afforded me the opportunity to grow professionally through interactive meeting sessions which in turn also benefits my organization.”
Suncoast Safety Council
 KathyTrahan Kathy Trahan
“I believe the greatest value of the AASC is diversity. This unique mix of association, education and safety professionals facilitates an invaluable exchange of ideas and information on a variety of initiatives and programs. It’s a privilege to be a part of an association where there is such a strong culture of mutual trust and respect.”
Safety Council Louisiana Capital Area
 TomOdegard Tom Odegaard
“The ability to share information and ideas on work practices and personnel issues; marketing and technology; as well as new programs and services has proven invaluable to ESC. As a founding member of AASC, we are proud to continue in this alliance of safety professionals.”
Evergreen Safety Council

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