United Safety Council

In 1953, the Florida Safety Council (FSC) began promoting safety throughout Central Florida. Since that time, over three million individuals have received safety and health related training enabling them to enhance the quality of life in the home, workplace, schools, and on our roadways. Today, FSC training centers are expanding beyond Central Florida by providing curriculums for sub-agencies located throughout the state. In addition, thanks to advanced technology, FSC has over 50 traffic and occupational safety related courses available on the Internet for those seeking a safer environment throughout the world. We now have students completing safety training courses from all over the U.S. and from places as far away as South America, Europe, and Asia through our parent organization The United Safety Council.

FSC is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of prominent business and civic leaders who volunteer their time to create a safer community. Advisory committees are also utilized to provide program guidance.

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Occupational Safety Training and Services

  • Certified Occupational Safety Specialist – COSS
  • Driver Performance Analysis System – DPAS
  • Hazwoper
  • Forklift / Powered Industrial Truck
  • First Aid / Bloodborne Pathogens / CPR
  • Fall Protection
  • Various OSHA courses
  • Various Department of Transportation Courses

Motorcycle Training Courses

  • Basic Rider Course – Motorcycle Training
  • Basic Rider Course Online Registration
  • Experienced Rider Course – Motorcycle Training
  • Motorcycle Product and Information Links
  • GEICO R.I.D.E.

Driver Improvement Courses

  • Basic Driver Improvement Course (4 hours)
  • Basic Driver Improvement Course (8 hours)
  • Drug, Alcohol & Traffic Awareness Program
  • Insurance Discount / Mature Driver Course
  • Advanced Driver Improvement (12 hours)
  • Aggressive Driver Program
  • Traffic Collision Avoidance Course
  • Driving While License Suspended / Revoked
  • Alternative Transportation Education (ATE)

DUI Courses

  • Driving Under the Influence I
  • Driving Under the Influence II
  • DUI Pre-Registration Forms

Behind-the-Wheel Training Courses

  • 30+6 Program
  • Driving Under 25
  • Individual (One-on-One) Driver Training
  • Basic Motorcycle Rider Course (approx. 15 hours)
  • Experienced Motorcycle Rider Course (8 hours)
  • GEICO R.I.D.E.

Behavior Management Courses

  • Victim Awareness Program
  • Anger Management Course
  • Shoplifting / Petty Theft
  • Juvenile Shoplifting / Petty Theft
  • Vital Living Skills
  • Divorce Course
  • Alcohol Sales Training
  • Child Restraint

Corporate Courses

  • Become a Notary
  • Form a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC)
  • Incorporation Service
  • Insurance Agent
  • Driving Record Report

Occupational Safety Courses

  • OSHA Courses Online

Other Courses

  • Safe Boating