Safety Council of Southwest Louisiana

The Safety Council of Southwest Louisiana is a non-profit, non-governmental organization which promotes safety and health by providing programs, resources, services and educational materials to help prevent or reduce both the personal and economic loss associated with injuries, accidents and health hazards occurring throughout the Lake Charles and surrounding areas. Our primary goal is to reduce the injuries, suffering and losses that come with accidents. We provide a wide range of training and educational materials, programs and services for industrial, commercial and government clients. From site specific plant safety orientations to custom designed community safety programs, the Safety Council of Southwest Louisiana is your partner in working to reduce work and home related accidents and injuries.

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Our Safety and Health programs, which meet or exceed Federal OSHA and State regulations, assist both individuals and organizations:

  • Supervisory Development Process
  • Security Identification Cards
  • Rapid Eye Check Workshop
  • Powersafe
  • DOT Pipeline Training Program
  • Certified Occupational Safety Specialist
  • AA/NA Attendance
  • Anger Management Class
  • Anger Management Course
  • Assessment
  • Community Service Program
  • Corrective Behavior Class
  • Court Required Church Attendance
  • Defensive Driving Class
  • Domestic Violence Offenders Program
  • Drug Screens
  • GED
  • Railroad Safety
  • Substance Abuse Studies
  • TeenSMART


  • First Aid/CPR Instructor
  • COSS

Consultation Services

  • Full Industrial Safety & Health Consultation
  • Safety Audits and Inspections
  • Assist with OSHA/L&I Citation Abatement
  • Develop Written Safety Programs
  • Conduct Respirator / Fit Testing
  • Conduct Ergonomic Assessments
  • Perform Accident Investigations and Reviews
  • Serve as Safety Advisor for Projects
  • Review / Write Accident Prevention Plan
  • Expert Testimony

Total Safety Compliance

Are you concerned that your company may not be up-to-date on state regulations? We can help. We can come to your facility and do an inspection or audit. We will then give you a report of what was found and how we can help you bring it up-to-date.

Online Safety Training Options