American Association of Safety Councils

Our Mission

To advance the best safety and health services within our workplaces and communities.

Our Vision

Safe and healthy workplaces and communities.

Our Values

  • Leadership
    Advanced by knowledge & collaboration
  • Excellence
    Advanced by sharing best practices
  • Autonomy
    Advanced by respect & trust

Who We Are

We are the American Association of Safety Councils, an international association of safety professionals. Our mission is to save lives and reduce workplace injuries through education, communication and the promotion of safer workplaces. Safety Councils are spread across the United States and parts of Canada. Click on Membership to see the locations of our all member councils, and then on each council to view the wide variety of products, services and classes they provide in their local area.

Member Councils provide a wide variety of in class and online training. However all OSHA Approved Online Outreach Training is conducted only on this site for all our membership to meet conditions established by OSHA.

Interested in Becoming a Member?

There are many benefits for an appropriate organization to become a member of AASC. This is a very active and growing Association. Through our Meetings, Seminars, Newsletters, Blogs, and Conferences we keep members up to date with industry news, including regulations changes by State. We are also a forum by which best demonstrated practices in many areas of occupational health & safety is established and publicized.